Stripes & Chunky Knit via Brooklyn Blonde

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via B R O O K L Y N  B L O N D E

This look is all about the styling details; from the cuffs to the choice of stripes and texture. It’s the way an individual styles their clothes that makes a look unique to them. I love how the Brooklyn Blonde chose a striped button down instead of plain white. This gives more visual interest to the look and the detail of the buttoned up collar peaking out of the turtleneck is perfection. The cuffing of the sleeves and the simple cuff at the hem of the distressed jeans are more examples of simple styling tricks used by stylists. Paying attention to how your favorite trendsetters wear their clothing will help you find your unique styling traits.

Stylist Tip: When you notice a look you really like, whether it’s on a friend, stranger, or trendsetter, ask yourself WHY you like it. The more you ask why, the more you will understand what you like and how to achieve that look yourself.

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Rachael Dickens

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