Natalie Dickens

Co-Founder & Editor

Natalie Dickens grew up in beautiful San Diego California. The seed of fashion was planted by older sister and co-founder Rachael, but truly blossomed in Paris. After a semester in Paris Natalie too was fully in love with all fashion had to offer. Her personal style was influence by the beaches of San Diego but refined by the streets of Paris.

Rachael Dickens

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Rachael Dickens was born and raised in sunny Southern California.   Growing up on the beaches of Orange County has influenced Rachael’s personal style, “The laid back look and feel of the beach is in my blood.  It will always influence my personal style.” After more than a dozen years in the fashion industry, Rachael decided to combine her love of fashion, art, photography and style into a new online fashion site OC STYLE REPORT.

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