Is it Time to Update your Activewear Wardrobe?

“Just do it” isn’t always that easy!

It’s the end of January, how are we doing on our New Year’s resolutions? So far, so good? Whether you’re staying strong or about to fall off the band wagon, we all can use a little motivation to get up and actually do our favorite workouts. And like most great outfits, cute new workout gear always adds a little extra motivation. Is it time to update your activewear wardrobe? We’ve picked a few pieces you’ll totally want to show off at the gym that we’re kinda, ok majorly, in love with.

Is an activewear wardrobe a thing? Of course! Every major retailer has an activewear section and even indie boutiques are starting to carry activewear. As much I have my feelings about staying in workout clothes all day, at least we can collectively look pulled together. Retailers took notice when a large portion of the population began living in their workout clothes; and that gave rise to an activewear wardrobe.

Looking good and being healthy is the point of working out right? So why not start with cute activewear? Looking good on the way to a workout it a great way to stay motivated to get that workout in!


Stay motivated to achieve your fitness goals by updating your activewear wardrobe!

Get motivated to workout with a cute activewear wardrobe! Need new activewear? Shop our favorites!

Cute activewear to keep you motivated to hit the gymViva Luxury

Varley Top: $65 | LARGO DRIVE

Varley $110 | LARGO DRIVE

Strut-This $80 | RESURRECTION


Lanston $121 | LARGO DRIVE

Lanston $128 | LARGO DRIVE



Track & Bliss | LARGO DRIVE


Inspo Photos via Pinterest unless otherwise credited | Featured Image via Viva Luxury

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